Susan Wylde is the winner of an E WORLD MUSIC AWARD for 2012.  The awards were created by the producers of the Golden Globe Awards and the Spirit Film Awards.

Susan was previously nominated in 2011 for a dance / electronic project that was co-produced by Susan and 2011 Grammy Nominee – Eddie Bullen.

Nominated for:

2012 Toronto Independent Music Award – Blues Artist of the Year


Citing the diverse influences of  The Eagles, Dixie Chicks, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waites, Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Rait, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, among others, Susan Wylde possesses a multi faceted alto voice that she commands with authority. Wylde has been nominated for: Ontario Indie, Canadian Indie and Toronto Indie music awards. She has also been a nominee in the International Song Writing Competition. In 2011, Wylde was one of only two Canadian singers (the other being Sarah McLachlan) selected for the globally distributed CD “Absolute Voices II ” released by Asia’s highly successful record label – Sense Music. Other artists featured on the disc were Norah Jones, Sade, Alison Krauss and other top female singers from across the globe. Susan has performed across Canada, the USA, Asia, Europe and Australia. She was also the Creator/Producer of the Goddess charity concerts that raised thousands of dollars for women’s /children’s charities. Her latest CD has garnered an impressive amount of critical acclaim. It was added to radio playlists beside artists like Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Eric Clapton, Mumford & Son, and Buddy Guy etc. It reached the top 10 in Country/Roots/Blues charts in Canada, France, Germany, England, Croatia, Japan, Australia and it reached the top 20 in the USA.

Her CD In The Light was added to the 2012 Grammys short list (Blues Album of the Year), was nominated for a Toronto Indie Award and Hamilton Music award. The disc ended up winning the 2012 EWorld Music Award in Hollywood (Blues/Jazz Album of the Year).

Simply Complex contains songs that deal with the challenge of finding true human intimacy and knowing our own inner strength. It also asks the question – does fate play a role in our lives? More playful tunes present a comparison of a love to a favorite night of the week. Another is about letting go of a dynamic, attractive partner. The partner is just a little too on the edge for this girl. Other arrestingly moving and lyrically meticulous songs deal with denial, finding an authentic partner and looking for perfection in Love. There is another song that deals with reflection after a break up. The person realizes that the relationship was more than it was believed to be at the time. Excitement and trepidation when entering a new relationship is presented in another tune – wanting to know if this new person is the one. There is often an illusion that others have a perfect relationship/Love. This is brought to our awareness in yet another progressively written song on the CD. A lovely salute to the Crescent City is a beautiful soulful addition to the multi layered Simply Complex. This provocative disc truly illuminates the dark and rehabilitates the heart.

Susan Wylde gets far inside her songs, turning them into unflinching personal statements to be shared and savoured. She is a refreshing change from the historic, often melisma spouting singing that too often passes for emotional intensity in contemporary music. Instead she produces an extraordinary aesthetic experience through the clear expression of deep feelings filtered through her satin vocal chords.

“Susan Wylde delivers a warm , thoughtful vocal , unembellished & focused on the soul of the lyrics” – The Blue Grass Special
“Susan Wylde uses her voice to convey all the emotions one associates with the blues, allowing the pain of loss and the joys of redemption & recovery to shine through” – The Nashville Blues Society
“With cut glass crystal clear diction, Susan Wylde delivers a sensually crisp vocal that is hypnotically evocative” – Blues Matters Britain



Susan Wylde


Wendell Ferguson
Jack deKeyzer
Pete Schmidt
Brian Griffith


Carrie Ashworth
Mark Cashion
Alec Fraser


John Dustin
Susan Wylde
Dave McMorrow


Rick Donaldson
Bob Siboney


Colleen Allen
Turner King


Dave Dunlop


Jerome Godboo
Paul Reddick

Backing Vocals

Susan Wylde
Shelley Hines


Susan Wylde

Absolute Voices II cover


In The Light – EWorld Music Award winner – Blues / Jazz Album of the Year.  In the top 10 across the globe / top 20  (USA)
Shambhala – Receiving airplay on the internet and on Blues, Jazz,College,Community,AC,
Radio Stations – worldwide
Evolution – successful pop CD – with various blues and jazz influences.
Absolute Voices 2 – Compilation disc – released across the globe. Features Susan Wylde and several Grammy winners – Alison Krauss, Sade, Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan etc.



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